Looking To Teaching This Term

It’s the start of a new term this week and with it a lot of challenges in trying to balance teaching and research. The problem I often have is that there’s an unlimited amount of time one can put into teaching. Your lectures can always use more tweaking, you can always spend more time doing sketching out even more example or rehearsing your delivery. Last year, I really got sucked into the work of teaching and barely had time to do any research.

Since last year, I’ve figured out a lot about how I work, how to deal with my mental disability, and now I also have a lot more experience in teaching this undergraduate course and I’ve got most of my materials set up in advance! Seriously, I’ve got quite a bit here at my github repo for the class. I’ve got my syllabus, I’ve got my homeworks, I’ve got my rough lecture notes, I’ve got the first four weeks of in-class worksheets. I’m feeling pretty prepared at this point, though I still need to finish preparing my homework solutions for the course but that won’t be super hard.

My researchy goals for this coming term are mostly to finish clearing out my backlog of ideas. The idea hasn’t gotten any less anxiety inducing, but it needs to be done. I’ve done a decent amount of work over the past couple of years and it should probably be seen by someone other than me before it’s judged to be unredeemable trash. If I can get all my ducks in a row on this, well, like four papers I’m sitting on at the moment then my career is going to be looking a lot prettier in the near future and maybe, just maybe, I can start believing that I can actually finish this.


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