The State of Things: More on Organization and What Works

So a bit of an update here. I’ve still been using Beeminder to keep track of things lately, which has proven useful as I’m trying to build up a buffer for the times I know I’m going to be really busy. For example, on my writing goals I made sure to get ahead because I knew that Tuesday, because it involved a doctor’s appointment and getting boosters on some vaccines, was going to wipe me out badly. I also know that in the next few weeks I’m going to want to focus on a few other things so I’m pushing to get all my lecture note and homework writing done now. So overall, that’s really good. I’m also sticking better to other smaller habits related to exercise, writing poetry for a book submission competition due in December, and just other little things that make me feel better about life.

I think I need to start leaning on my github and org-todo goals in order to get more of my focus on research. Since I lowered the writing goal to 4500 words per week, and I’m allowing myself to count poetry in that because that’s writing too, I’m feeling less frantic on that front and like everything will be okay if I don’t write Every Day, so I should probably spend more time coding. I’ve got the lecture notes up through…I think three weeks from now done. I’ll probably be able to finish most of the lecture notes for the course in the next week or two, so I really have no excuse to not spend more time on the Agda model of that type theory I wrote on pen & paper last summer. Getting published soon is definitely a goal, so I need to evaluate better what’s the quickest path to that given all the half-finished things I currently have.

Overall, I think everything is going pretty well. I note that I’ve written something like 30k words and 35 posts since starting my beeminder goals, which is so much better than I’ve ever done before. Most of that has been lecture notes lately, but as I said before, I’ll be done with that in the next week or two I think and then my posts will turn back into papers and my own ideas.


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