Saturday is the new Friday

Well I was trying to write a post of some of my odd ideas and interests, but I ended up having three almost done posts rather than a single one that was complete: one post on refinement types, one post on interactive fiction, and one post on type theory applied to differential geometry.


Well, I’m learning how to do this whole blogging thing and two weeks here is about the most consistent I’ve ever been. My goal over the next week is

  • Saturday: Finish the differential geometry post
  • Monday: Simplicial Sets V
  • Tuesday: Reviewing Mac Lane: Kans and ends
  • Wednesday: Kan Complexes and Category Theory
  • Thursday: Two-Dimensional Models of Type Theory I (
  • Friday: Finish refinement types post

The order of these might rearrange depending on what’s easier or harder to finish, but I think all of these are pretty doable for next week.


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